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Karen Smith Parry

"We" are technically a "me", Karen Parry, a girl from North Vancouver, BC. I do have many people who chip in and help me from time to time so if things keep going the way they are, we will officially be a "we" very soon.

My parents died way too early of both cancer (my mom) and ALS (my dad) and though I know genetics play a roll in many cases of each, I also know environmental elements participate too. When I had my three sons I began to be paranoid about the possibility that I would receive a similar fate to mom & dad so I began investigating things I could do to make my life a little bit longer...this effort was mostly food focused though.

Because I am such a true tomboy at heart so beauty products were never really on my radar. To be truthful, I have always LOVED make up and putting it on to get ready for a night on the town but I never moisturized or took any kind of care of my skin. I have actually slept with my makeup on most of the nights of my life. As I approached my mid 40's a light went on. It was probably the wrinkles on my face that motivated me to start looking for clean products that work...THAT WORK! Not as easy a task as you might think.

Around this time, I was approaching 20 years in the beauty industry on the wholesaling side and I started noticing a huge ground swell of interest in the clean beauty industry. Add to that, the fact that I have an entrepreneurial spirit and a never ending cycle of creative marketing ideas thanks to my ADHD and you've got all the basic factors that brought me to Industry. I seek clean brands, offering incredible results and make them available to you.

Some of our brands have been globally recognized and I hope all of our brands reach that kind of success. They all deserve it.

*Photo by Rebekah Logan