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This non-toxic mani kit includes everything you need to give yourself the perfect "at home" manicure. Don't be intimidated to start having your own spa day at home. Take it from us...practice makes perfect!
  • File: Helps shape the nails and removes the top gel layer.
  • Buffer: Helps smooth your nail plate and nail edges.
  • Hydrating Base Coat: Preps your nails for nail polish application, while adding hydration to your nails and keeping them healthy and strong.
  • Top Coat: Used on top of your nail polish. Makes your nails shiny and your manicure long lasting.
  • Nail Clipper: Help shape and shorten your nails.
  • Wooden Stick: Helps remove the gel as well as push the cuticles.
  • 1 Travel Sized Bottle of Nail Polish Remover: Used to remove or clean up nail polish after applying on a cotton ball or cotton pad.
  • Cotton: Used to remove polish