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Not Sure How to Title This

Not Sure How to Title This

Mix & Match, Gradient, Paint Swatch or Mismatch, whatever you want to call it...we are 100 percent down with the trend that has no official name yet. Fashion icons such as Julia Sariñana  ( @sincerelyjules ) and Beyoncé Knowles have been seen sporting multi-coloured finger nails  recently and the trend looks like it amped up just in time for   fall 2019 . From vibrant contrasting colours to subtle pastels, any variation works and will get you in the door at the swankiest parties in town (well that may be a stretch but the doorman will want to let you in).

When we first heard multi-coloured manicures were a thing, we thought "gross". We were thinking red/pink/blue/brown...all attractive nail colours on their own but not so beautiful next each other. However, what we're seeing is more subdued colour combinations that blend beautifully and softly adding more character to your look than your average mani. "I especially like pastel colours, like light blue and peach,"  New York City-based nail artist Molly Romah tells TZR. "If you're looking to stay within one colour family, focus on monochromatic colours in the same hue."

Amy Lin , founder of the  Sundays  nail polish line, is also pumping out this very popular trend in all of her Sundays Nail Studio locations across Manhattan.  And being the ultimate destination for manicures in the electric city, they'd have to know what's what. As exclusive retailers of the vegan / 10 free brand, we looked through our colour selection and got creative in choosing our own multi-coloured combo and here's what we came up with...

We put so many palettes together, it was hard for us to narrow it down to one fave but these dark greys & mauves stood out as classy, beautiful and rich, fall colours. We represented the dark clouds that are familiar with Vancouver  and the deep purples of our autumn sunsets. And we also think Vancouver kicks a** so we're calling this grouping YVR Kicks and you can buy it here now.

It took a whole year to develop the perfect 10-free nontoxic, vegan, and cruelty-free formula that could still deliver high-shine, and long-lasting brilliant colour, so you can look and feel fantastic. No compromises.

by Amy Lin - founder of Sundays
We've discovered that sky's the limit when it comes to putting a variation of hues together! Any combo that suits your mood will's really just an individual concept that's up to you so have fun with it. We're definitely going to give this booming trend a try and we're gonna have our "fingers" crossed that our  esthetician  doesn't hate us when we roll up with box full of  colours  along with 10 fingers & 10 toes!
Oh, and btw...our favourite name for the trend is " Paint Swatch ". So I guess we can give this post a title now!


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Molly Baker 
Contributing writer for Next Level Beauty Supply

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