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New Additions to the Family

Coola, High End Hippie

New Additions to the Family

Karen Parry
Founder Next Level Beauty Supply

You guys! We have been holding in the most exciting secret for weeks now and there's only so much a girl can keep under wraps without exploding's time to erupt.

We have added so many new items to the site that I'm going to try to roll these out without overwhelming you or better yet, myself. In the coming weeks we will have more detailed information about the products (and the founders from which they come) but for now we just want you to know they are now here on the Next Level site and available for you to purchase. They're all amazing and wonderful and... well...let's just get get this party started so you can see for yourself!


Founded by Chris Birchby, Coola is the "coolest" sunscreen on the market right now. Chis was inspired to create organic, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly SPF products after both his parents were diagnosed with melanoma. Both recovered well but he was driven to live a healthier lifestyle and pay closer attention to what he put in and on his body. When he moved to California from the East Coast after graduating University, he discovered organic ingredients for the first time. In his quest to live cleaner, he began searching for an organic sunscreen to protect him from the West Coast elements but came up empty handed. This was a hole in the market he was ready to fill. After three years of up and downs and hurdles jumped, he had officially founded Coola.

And we LOVE Coola! Their message and most importantly, their products! The Tinted BB Sunscreen and Sun Silk Drops are two personal faves and the kids have been using the SPF sprays since they arrived. Not sure if it's for protection or the yummy smell. Either way, they're doing it without being asked which is a first. We'll continue to offer more details to you about Coola's incredible line of products going forward. We are SO excited!

The High End Hippie

The High End Hippie was founded by Okanogan based, Amy Hamilton. Amy sought out to create shampoo & conditioner bars that didn't sacrifice the quality of product you would receive at a trendy salon. She was a specialist working in high end hotel spas and salons in Canada before breaking out on her own to fill a very specific gap in the industry; a green, professional hair product for those seeking a cleaner, healthier way of life.  She has proven that you can pursue an environmentally conscious lifestyle without sacrificing beauty or style.

These bars stay strong to the end without breaking apart and they smell so good they give your shower that spa-like vibe thanks to their beautiful aroma. You'll be blown away by the sudsy lather they produce and the fact that they can provide you with up to three times the number of shampoos you'd get with a standard 8oz. bottled product. The result? Beautiful, soft, shiny hair. Check out The High End Hippie's selection of bars to see which one suits your hair needs.

Sundays Candles

Though Sundays isn't new to our family, their candles certainly are. After grave concern over the amount of toxins candles put into the air, Sundays' founder, Amy Ling Lin, sought to create a beautiful candle that we can burn guilt free. Sundays currently offers two beautiful scents; Smoked Hemp Flower and Green Fig & Ginger. Their easy, smooth, non-toxic burn and aromatic scents aren't the only benefit they offer. After your candle is empty, use the beautifully crafted, porcelain container as an accessory in your home or as a plant holder for the cutest succulent you can find. We have always LOVED our Sundays...these candles just take us to the edge of obsession.


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