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Kate's Skin Story

Kate's Skin Story

Maybe I wasn't paying attention or maybe I didn't really care but in my honest memory, while growing up as a young girl, I was not surrounded by women who educated me about skincare. No one told me that skin was not ageless and I should do everything in my power to protect it.  Yes, if we could play a solid game of Tic Tac Toe on my dry skin with our nails, I would acknowledge the fact that my skin suffered from extreme dehydration and my outer layer could use a little moisturizer however, that was for flakiness and for the fact that my skin seemed to transform into a couple shades darker when dewy, not for the long term preservation, protection and care it deserved.

You should make sure you're wearing an SPF of at least 50 on your face at all times or else you will most like be covered with age spots by the time you're 35 and will be at a much higher risk of getting skin cancer.

said no one ever in my youth

I used to spend the entire summer up the coast, at my cottage with my cousin. We were outside all day swimming, hiking, water skiing, playing and mostly laying in the sun. In so many ways I am grateful for my youthful oblivion of all things "maintenance". The reason? Because part of the sweet and carefree life I lived as a child and as a teen was due to my lack of concern over my youthfulness and beauty at the time. I was just living in the moment and having good, clean fun. On the other side of that coin... I am definitely seeing the results of the ignorance now, at the age of 41.

If I'm being totally honest with you, it wasn't until my late 20's that I started to pay my skin any sort of attention. That limited attention I did start to give my giant pores was mainly due to the fact that I had roommates that actually had a skincare routine and I had a little FOMO without one. My personal skincare regime up until that point mainly consisted of rinsing my face with warm water (usually when I woke up in the morning with yesterday's makeup), removed leftover mascara with a remover then reapplied everything for a new day. Obviously, this was not ideal and it's not something I'm incredibly proud of.

The great news is, I started really getting in the game in my mid to late 30's and the research and emotional scars from my "trial and error" are undeniable. I started falling for commercials. You know...the cute girl with perfect skin, in a bright bathroom splashing water on her face. You know the girl. I bought all the crap. And what did it do for me? Nothing. I really truly believed it was just my skin. I had larger pores, my skin was sensitive, I was prone to acne and then I went for my first facial. It took one appointment for me to realize I was wrong. I remember looking at my face in the mirror while waiting for the elevator after my facial. My face looked fresh, peachy and dewy. I actually didn't look ridiculous without makeup and that was a definite first in my junior mind. I looked kinda...naturally pretty. What a relief! I turned around, walked back into the spa, bought almost everything that had been used on my face and used every item sparingly.

I'd like to say that I've never looked back but I have definitely fallen into my old habits far too often. I've continued to stick to good products for sure but my routine has lacked consistency on many occasions.


Probably the biggest lesson I've learned is that good skincare isn't cheap. You can easily find inexpensive products but their effectiveness is limited to...well...almost nothing. Potent active ingredients (to fix the old damage) with a solid SPF (to avoid future damage) is my jam and the combo has changed the life of my skin. I went from the dry patch kid to the dewy babe (well according to my husband) in a matter of days with good products. And I won't deny it was painful to hand over the VISA for my first purchase of quality beauty products at the spa that day back in 2003 but at the end of the day, I have ultimately saved boatloads of money by having a few really good creams and serums as opposed to messing around with a bunch of crappy ones. 

Active ingredients = active results.

Love Kate!


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