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Growing Up

Growing Up and Aging Gracefully with Clean Beauty products Middle aged skincare and other non-toxic beauty items from hair to makeup to nail polish

Growing Up

Karen Parry
Co-founder • Next Level Beauty Supply

I looked in the mirror this morning and though I felt, in spirit, like the same kid who wiped the crusty bits from her eyes to gear up for basketball practice at 7:00 am, what I saw in the mirror was very different. Spotted skin on hands and face from years of travel under the sun. Sagging cheeks and the beginning stages of turkey neck. I get this visual reminder every morning that "I'm not in Kansas anymore". It's such an unjust way to start the day yet it is the only way. And I'm ok with it. I've made peace with the fact that I'm aging because I had, and continue to have, a fabulous life with very little stress and lots of adventure. I always felt like my own type of beautiful anyway...not the type of beautiful that was on the cover of magazines rather a type that was confident, funny, carefree, oblivious at times and a beauty that was built on love from the people around me.

Some of you may relate to the days of slathering your body in baby oil before a day at the beach. And I'm guessing, that probably horrifies many of you. You're the smart ones.

What we'd like to do here is have a place for women to connect on aging and on how we can achieve doing it, beyond this point, gracefully. It is never too late to start caring about what you put in and on your body. Aging can be slowed down naturally. It can be maintained and in some cases it can be reversed (temporarily). We are just here to do it naturally and in a clean, non-toxic way and we'd love you to join us. 

We are going to be inviting middle aged women to speak their truth about what makes them feel beautiful. We have some professional women, athletes, champions of charities, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, know the drill. We will meet here, at this blog, to hear their stories and to connect in a way that is 'hopefully' relatable and motivational. Not all of us (pointing at myself) are professional writers but we all have a story that's interesting and unique and we'll lay it all out right here.

In addition to these strong stories from women, we will provide alternating blog posts about the clean beauty products Next Level can provide you with. These will be short but sweet product knowledge posts so you can be more informed about what we are using on our bodies to enhance our beauty on the outside while protecting our beauty on the inside. You can be assured, the products we post about have been tried and tested by us personally. They have garnered incredible results and on top of that, they are clean, non-toxic, cruelty free and independently manufactured because that's what we do.

Invite your friends to join us on our middle aged beauty journey. It's going to be a very open and honest place to be and more importantly, a supportive place to age. 

Thanks for reading, 



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